What is
Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is a technology that uses the internet and central
remote servers to
maintain data and applications.               

"Our organization has been working with Airware Solutions both to help us develop our IT system into one that is fully functional, remotely accessible platform and to assist us with the development of a web-based database system and on-line customer service platform. During the time we’ve been developing these systems Airware has consistently responsive to our needs and issues and delivered highly personalized solutions to keep the organization up and running."
Chris Reed, Program Analyst
"With my Virtual Server, I sleep well knowing I don't have to think about my backup working, a firewall breach, about computer viruses or configuring an expensive VPN - I know my data is safer with Airware."
Shona Houghton, IT Manager
"Airware is a well run, well managed company. Airware's level of programming is top notch; they understand how to implement all our requirements quickly, efficiently and on budget. We recommend Airware on professional level to any company that needs professional software development."
Judy Jacklin, CFO
 Welcome to Airware Solution
Our primary focus is the provisioning of cost effective technical solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to allow access to network and technical resources that would normally be prohibitively expensive on a small scale. Read more...
Managed Application Hosting
SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Hybrid SaaS
Software / Application Development
 Open Source Technology

 .Net, SQL Server
Infrastructure Optimization
& Security
Social Ranking/Brand Management
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